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Great Session

“I had a wet cupping session, got much healthier afterwards.”

—Majed J. (From Google Reviews) - 11/09/2020

A Healing Experience

“I'm suffering from sinuses and allergy. Al7mdullah I'm getting better with hejamah. The Dr. is certified and she is really good at it. The best thing of her treatment is that she reads Quran while doing the hejamah which is a healing as well! I recommend trying it : )”

—Danno S. (From Google Reviews) - 11/09/2020

Professional Service

“Professional, clean, and know what they do.”

—Chaker Z. (From Google Reviews) - 11/09/2020

Gentle and Comfortable

“They made me feel very comfortable during my visit. Dr. Nivin was very professional and gentle with the procedure. I will definitely be going back.”

—Haj N (From Google Reviews) - 11/09/2020

Great for Chronic Pain

“I went to Ottawa Cupping Therapy last week and it was amazing! I've struggled with knee and back pain for the majority of my lifetime but I've never experienced anything as transformative. The main practitioner, Nivin, is very knowledgeable and extremely considerate. It's a very welcoming environment and I definitely recommend anybody go see her if you experience pain, especially chronic pain.”

—Giordano Di S (From Google Reviews) - 11/09/2020

Looking Forward to More Sessions

“This is my first time getting cupping in Ottawa and I am so happy I have discovered this place! Dr. Nivin is super knowledgeable, and always puts her clients’ needs first and listens their concerns and tries her best to help. I am looking forward to many more sessions with Dr. Nivin!!”

-Sahra O. (From Google Reviews) - 11/09/2020

Types of Cupping

Dr Sharaf offers the following types of cupping therapies at her clinic:

    Wet or hijama

As it is known in the Middle East, hijama is a therapy that uses disposable plastic cups which are applied to the areas of treatment, left on for a few minutes, then removed. After which small scratches are made to the skin with a disposable lancet and then the cups are placed back on the treatment area for a second time. This second step may be repeated. 

    Dry cupping

Dry cupping is done with glass cups that are sterilized after each use or silicone cups. It uses the negative pressure created by the vacuum of the cup draws up the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle layers a few millimetres into the cups and encourages blood flow.

The cups can be left in one place on the skin or moved around as part of massage cupping. The treatment can be utilised to influence the movement of bodily fluids such as lymph fluid, venous drainage and the reduction of stagnant flow.

As the treatment uses negative pressure, it lifts up muscles and tissues rather than pressing down on them like in a conventional massage. It enables the treatment to massage tissues from the inside out. This has beneficial effects on muscles, fascia, and skin, as well as influencing the deeper organs.

    Gliding cupping

Also known as massage cupping, this is done by applying an oil to your skin to allow the cup to move freely, causing ease of gliding and less skin pinching. Gliding cupping stimulates your relaxing parasympathetic nervous system and releases relaxing and soothing substances from your body, such as endorphins.

Gliding cupping is helpful for stress relief, muscle spasms, lymphatic drainage, and stimulating your immune system, plus stimulating the blood circulation by increasing the surface skin circulation. 

We charge $95 per 30 minutes for this service.


Relieve Your Pain with Cupping Therapy in Nepean, ON

Have you been suffering from persistent or chronic pain recently? Is there some physical discomfort you would like to relieve yourself of? Well, you’re in the right place because Ottawa Cupping Therapy in Nepean, ON, can help. Under the expert hands of Dr. Nivin Sharaf, you’ll be able to let go of your pain and stress, and take a step towards wellness. Cupping therapy helps in a variety of ways, from increasing circulation and eliminating stagnant blood to fighting against depression, lethargy, chronic joint conditions, and more. It can be administered for everything from muscle, back, and neck pain to headaches, painful periods, migraines, and more.

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Our Services and Pricing

We provide the following packages and services under cupping therapy:

30-45 minute consultation$80
1st time Hijama session + consultation$140
Recurring Hijama sessions$130
Weekend & after hours Hijama$160
Decompression cupping$80
20 min magnetic cupping$80
8 sessions dry or magnetic cupping - 1P$420
8 sessions dry or magnetic cupping - 2P$720
Foot cupping for plantar fasciitis$120
4 sessions facial rejuvenation $620
5 full facial sessions + hot stones$720
10 sessions cellulite tune-up  $1320
6 sessions cellulite tune-up$720
Annual membership (1 birthday session of your choice)$160


All our sessions include essential oils, advice and follow-up, if required.

Group bookings require 30% advance payment by PayPal or email money transfer to And yes, we give electronic receipts.



Want to see for yourself how effective cupping therapy is? Browse through the pictures below to get an idea.

Ready to Leave Pain Behind?

Trust Ottawa Cupping Therapy with helping you overcome your aches and troubles.

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Ottawa Cupping Therapy

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