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Cupping Therapy & More for Children in Nepean, ON

You might think that cupping therapy is exclusively for adults, but it’s been proven as a helpful technique for healing children as well. Whether a kid or an adult, it is important to evaluate the body composition and consider the implications of cupping therapy on your body. Dr. Sharaf is experienced and licensed in performing this technique safely and successfully for kids in Nepean, ON, helping their younger body make use of the advantages of cups. If you’d like to discuss cupping therapy for your kid and figure out whether it’s the right choice, Dr. Sharaf will be happy to answer any questions you may have over a call.

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How We Can Help

We offer the following three services under pediatric care:

  • Decompression cupping 30-minute sessions for $80.

  • Lymphatic draining 30-minute sessions for $80, with a choice of head and neck, back, or front of the body for your kid’s session.

  • Destress gliding 45-minute session for $120, covering the whole body.


Using Cups on Kids

Too often, we assume that cupping therapy means bruising on the body and cupping marks left for days. While cupping for adults can leave marks, it’s important to remember that the technique is adapted according to the body of each patient—especially when it comes to children! Consider the difference between massages for adults and those given to kids; the concept for cupping is much the same. The younger the patient, the gentler the process is. Dr. Sharaf is experienced in cupping therapy for various ages, from infants requiring an extremely light touch to teenagers who are able to stand harder pressure.

Considering Cups for Your Kid?

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to consult Dr. Sharaf.

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